Color blindness simulator

by Dominic Ford

Type of color blindness to simulate

Color blind view

Normal view


To use this page, you will need to have a webcam attached to your computer. You will probably receive a message from your web browser asking you to authorise this page to view images from your webcam, and you will need to click "OK".

One panel above shows unaltered video footage from your webcam. The other panel shows a simulation of how the footage would appear to a color-blind person. If you are yourself color-blind, you should find that the two panels look very similar!

There are many different kinds of color blindness. The most common form is protanopia, also known as red–green color blindness. Another common form is protanomaly, which also affects how well the eye can distinguish between red and green, but is less severe.

Using the drop-down menu above, you can select what type of color blindness you would like to simulate.

More information

This simulation is based on the color transformation matrices for various forms of color blindness published here. The original data is from Matthew Wickline.

The simulation also makes use of WebcamJS, a Javascript library for accessing images from a webcam.